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Thousand Lines was founded by two developer-creatives, Kiah and Olly. We wanted to create a digital outfit that gave honest advice, delivered great work and gave back to the community. At the centre of our experience is a combined passion for telling stories.

Our mission is simple: to empower businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach their potential by making beautiful, usable and engaging websites accessible to everyone.

Since we’re venturing out on our own, we’re able to do things our way. That means you’ll get an honest and adaptable team that can fit straight into your business and that tailors how we work to suit your needs. We can also consciously give back to the community through pro-bono sites, the use of hosting run on 100% renewable energy and other charitable initiatives.

Before all this we spent years working with more than forty companies around the world like Carrefour, Deezer and SMCP to tell their stories through websites, presentations and other digital channels. Our work’s even won awards.

Now our focus is on you.


Ethical coding
Long lasting relationships
Training and development
We believe that anyone should be able to access our site or any site that we build. We continually review the latest accessibility guidelines from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and implement them wherever possible.
The environmental impact of the web is often overlooked and that’s why we’ve chosen hosting partners that run on 100% renewable energy.
We write ethical, scalable code that’s clear for any developer to pick up from in the future. We reckon that will be us ;)
We want you to feel like we’re part of your team from Day 1. Long-lasting relationships are built on trust, shared values and respect, you’ll find these in abundance when you work with us.
We’re strong believers in the see one, do one, teach one methodology but above all about sharing knowledge and empowering our employees, clients and others.
Clients & Friends

In the end, you're all that matters. We've worked with lovely clients from all over the world.

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